MS Workplace Analytics

Aspect Description
MS Workplace Analytics
People Analytics
Purpose/ Statement
Sale/ Provide Information
Genre/ Research Methods
PA: is defined as the use of data about human behavior, relationships, and traits to make business decisions
IT involved
PA data
Data Sources
Not clear
(Research) Methods
Not clear
PA Team
Help in core functional or process transformation initiatives; help in bottom-up cultural transformation initiatives (using data storytelling); top-down strategic transformation (by monitoring employee burnout)
Theoretical Warrant(s)
PA helps to transform organizations
Level of Analysis
Individual & group
Side effects
Theoretical instantiation/ link function
Comparison with our model
They provide a definition of PA, use 3 cases to depict the transformation achieved by using PA in different ways. Do not consider data privacy or side effects.
People Analytics Wiki

Despite people analytics being a hype topic and attracting attention from both academia and practice, we found only few academic studies on the topic, with practitioners driving discussions and the development of the field. To better understand people analytics and the role of information technology, we performed a thorough evaluation of the available software tools. We monitored social media to identify and analyze the 41 people analytics tools listed here.

ERCIS Competence Center Smarter Work

The Competence Center Smarter Work supports organizations with the introduction, use and management of new communication and collaboration systems. We build on years of experience with transformation processes towards “Smarter Work”. We integrate individual and organizational perspectives in our research projects, inquiring about employees who use new technologies in their everyday work. Our research is characterized by the pursuit of long-term improvements. To this end, we seek a focused understanding of underlying organizational problems before pointing out customized options for action. Made possible by an interdisciplinary team of scientists from business, computer science, psychology, sociology, as well as practitioners from the IT industry.