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About this project

This website is part of my master thesis "Measurement of Social Capital in Enterprise Social Networks: Identification and Visualization of Group Metrics". It was developed at the Chair for Interorganisational Systems (Westphalian Wilhelms-University, Muenster) in collaboration with the Chair for Business Information Systems (University of Sydney, Business School).

The project is maintained by Joschka Huellmann. A special thanks goes to the thesis' supervisors Prof. Dr. Stefan Klein (Muenster) and Prof. Dr. Kai Riemer (Sydney). The data for the dashboard and professional advice is provided by Swoop Analytics. Cai Kjaer and Dr Laurence Lock Lee have extensive years of experience in management consulting and social network analysis. They provide consultancy to big corporations in Australia. Excellent support for researching the theory has been provided by Philipp Wegge and Frontend-Development support has been provided by Enno Woortmann.

The thesis can be downloaded here. Other files can be found here.

The website was made possible by a variety of tools and technologies including, but not limited to: TeX Live, Markdown Monokai, Flask, flask-restplus, igraph, tnet, PostgreSQL, psycopg2, Npm.js, Grunt, assemble.io, bootstrap, font-awesome, highcharts, jQuery, MathJax, Swagger. Powered by Ubuntu and developed in Python and R with Sublime.