I speak at conferences and industry events. Sometimes, my research is covered in the press (e.g., Heise Online, Süddeutsche Zeitung, OM-Online) or being awarded.


30. Keynote at the Dateninnovationen in der Praxis – Von der Datengewinnung bis zur KI on “Future of Work in the Age of AI”, Cloppenburg, Germany (24th September 2024).

29. Press coverage in d-velop.de/blog: “Future of Work: How AI changes the Nature of Work” (Dominik Schiller, 16th July 2024). (view) (download)

28. Press coverage in Netzpalaver.de: “Digitalisierungs-Festival von d.velop begeisterte 2.000 Teilnehmende” (21st June 2024). (view)

27. Keynote at the d.velop Summit 2024 on “Future of Work in the Age of AI”, Düsseldorf, Germany (12th June 2024). (view) (download)

26. Outstanding SIG Award 2023 of the Association for Information Systems (07th May 2024). (view)

25. Keynote at the New Work Pioneer Lab by noventum Consulting GmbH on Future of Work in the Age of AI, Münster, Germany (10th April 2024). (download)

24. Press coverage in Universteit Twente News: „Large research grant for reducing distance to labour market for people with disability” (Kees Wesslink-Schram, 04th March 2024). (view) (download)

23. Press coverage in nwo.nl: “Three projects within KIC call 'Participating in the labour market' to start” (14th February 2024). (view) (download)


22. Keynote at the TechLabs e.V. Speaker Event on Future of Work in the Age of AI, Münster, Germany (23rd November 2023). (download)

21. Keynote at the Industrie Digital 2023 event on AI for Industry. Organized by Niedersachsen Metall and the Ministiry for Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs, Building, Transport and Digitalization (16th November 2023). (view)

20. Press coverage in Dinalog.nl: “UT-onderzoekers maken transportketens betrouwbaarder met ‘digital twin’” (06th November 2023). (view) (download)

19. Press coverage in MyScience.org: “Twente researchers make transport chains more re-liable using a 'digital twin'“(19th October 2023). (view) (download)

18. Press coverage in Universiteit Twente News: “Twente researchers make transport chains more reliable using a 'digital twin'“(Jochem Vreeman, 19th October 2023). (view) (download)

17. Winner of the “Mentoren Award” for the technologically most sophisticated solution at the Münster-hack 2023 (#MSHACK23) with team OpenTags. (view) (download)

16. Best Associate Editor Award at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2023, Kristiansand, Norway. (view) (download)

15. Keynote at the CES Workshop on Hybrid Work, Enschede, Netherlands (23rd May 2023). (view) (download)

14. Press coverage in Gegenblende Debattenmagazin: „People Analytics: Chancen, Risiken und neue Gestaltungsfragen“ (Miriam Klöpper et al., 15th February 2023). (view) (download)

13. Panel at AIS Doctoral Student College on Crafting a PACIS Best Paper (3rd February 2023). (view)


12. Keynote at People Analytics in Practice 2022 of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (19th October 2022). (view) (download) (presentation) (english)

11. Press coverage in OM-Online and MT-News: „Wie ein Sevelter in Taiwan den 2. Platz für relevante Forschung holte“ (Thomas Vorwerk, Printed issue 08th July 2022). (view) (download)

10. Runner-up for the Best Paper Award at Pacific Asian Conference of Information Systems (PACIS). (view)

9. Co-Organizer at Wirtschaftsinformatik-Nachwuchstreffen 2022 (German early career IS scholars‘ meetup). (view)

8. Outstanding Reviewer Reward of the 35th Bled eConference 2022. (view)

7. Keynote at Kaufleute und Ingenieur Netzwerk Deutschland 2022: Benefits & Risks of People Analytics (16th May 2022). (presentation)

6. Keynote at SHIFT/HR Innovation SUMMIT 2022: Spotting good People Analytics (07th April 2022). (view) (download) (presentation) (english)


5. Honorary lecture at Hochschule Fresenius Köln: Data Economy: An Introduction.


4. Press coverage in Heise Telepolis: „Überwachungskapitalismus und Wissenschaftssteuerung“ (Ulrich Herb, 29th July 2019). (view) (download)

3. Press coverage in Wissen.Leben: „Keine personalisierten Preise im Online-Handel“ (13:8, December 2019). (view) (download)

2. Press coverage in Süddeutsche Zeitung: „Online-Handel: Die Macht der Kunden“ (Janis Beenen, 30th May 2019). (view) (download)


1. Runner-up best information systems master thesis award.